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STONEHENGE: A True Wonder of World

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Most of us have read or heard about the Stonehenge, it is one of the most known landmarks of the United Kingdom. Believed to be built between 3000 BC - 2000 BC, It is one of the World Heritage Sites.

Since you guys can easily read all the history in Wikipedia, I am gonna tell you about the more important stuff, how to get to this magical place and how is the whole experience.

As I told you in my previous blog, I spent most of my time in Portsmouth. Stonehenge is near the town of Salisbury, which is approximately a 2-hour train ride from Portsmouth-Southsea Train Station. All of the UK is well connected by trains and a lot of apps like the Trainline app can help you find your way around (also trains have wifi)! The Salisbury-Stonehenge visit is a day trip.

As soon as you get off at the Salisbury station you can grab a Stonehenge bus tour pamphlet from the stands. A number of packages are available- Stonehenge tour, Stonehenge-Old Sarumtour and the Stonehenge-Old Saum- Salisbury Cathedral tour. Just outside the station, there will be a lot of buses, get on a bus when you choose a package, pay for it on the bus, grab your audio guide and earphones and take a seat. We chose the Stonehenge-Old Sarum tour as we wanted to spend some time around the town. The bus will drop you and pick you from the various bus stands around the town with a bus running in every 20 minutes.

As the bus runs around the town, the audio tour tells one about the historical importance of the town.

In about 20 minutes you reach the Stonehenge Visitor Centre, a place where you can appreciate some of the neolithic finds, have some snacks and pick up the Stonehenge audio tour guide. This is 1.5 miles away from the Stonehenge site, a shuttle service is provided to take you to the site. On the ride, you can start your audio tour, and appreciate the various important landmarks around the Stonehenge. For those who like to walk, the shuttle stops midway, one can get off and walk the remaining distance (Obvs your girl wasn't one of these walkers).

Once you get off the shuttle, you are dropped at the entrance, and you can easily spot the big grey stones! It is a sight to behold! One can be nothing but in awe of how surreal this wonder of the world is.

we appreciated the Stonehenge as we walked around it, wind touched our faces, and the green grass all around made the experience even better. you will find photos from the Stonehenge all over the website, I loved the colours, the serenity and the overall experience.

After spending around an hour here we took the shuttle back to the visitor centre, got ourselves some little souvenirs ( yes! a fridge magnet was one of them ).

We got on the bus and went to the Old Sarum. Old Sarum is a 5 min walk from the nearest bus stop and once you read the main area, you have to walk around 10-15 min to get into the main site.

It is a huge earthwork raised in around 500BC by Iron age settlers and later occupied by Romans, Saxons and Normans. In those times, there was a castle and a cathedral along with a small town here which now lies in ruins.

We spent around 30 minutes here and went back to the bus stand where we were dropped off at. Next, we got off at the main market, looked around some shops, got us some souvenirs and some fun stationary from a very cute shop. We had our late lunch at the Cafe Rouge, it is a famous cafe chain around the UK.

This was one of my favourite meals all through my trip: Hot Chocolate, Americano, Rissotto with a side of bread and pesto and a Savoury Tart.

This marked the end of our day at Salisbury as we took the train back to Portsmouth and ended our day!

Do let me know how you liked this blog, so much more to come!

Till then tooooodles grasshoppers!

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