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Favourite Lockdown Dishes (II)

It has been a while since I posted the part I and its time for some yummy food photos again!

This blog will cover some easy to cook desserts and small meals.

So, are ready for a yummylicious ride?

Let's start with the desserts.

  1. Churros

We made some delicious egg less churros and enjoyed them with nutella and homemade chocolate sauce along with fresh mangoes and vanilla wafers. I got the recipe from youtube but I really cant remember which one I used. (aghh , silly memory!)

2. Healthy Chocolate Pancakes

This came out to be one of my favourite desserts that I made. Super light and with the perfect amount of sweetness, these pancakes were just ammazing.

For pancakes, I used the recipe by Bake with Shivesh. ( Click here for recipe)

3. Chocolate Cake

Well, there is always that one chocolate cake recipe which our moms have been using since ages, the lockdown saw this recipe being used multiples times! Absolute fav chocolate cake.

4. Health Dinner Combo

My love for Sauteed Exotic Veggies and Grilled Paneer has grown exponentially during the lockdown. This dinner dish comprises of some Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Sauteed Exotic Veggies, Tandoori Mushrooms, Sauteed Asparagus and Grilled Paneer. It is the perfect combination of taste and health. It is super filling and light.

5. Tomato and Capsicum Katori

This is another of my moms recipes and is absolutely delicious. The filling is made of cottage cheese, dices onions, capsicum and corns with green chilli sauce. The filling is stuffed in tomatoes and capsicums and baked in tandoor for about 15 minutes. It is super yum, quick and a perfect side dish or an appetizer.

6. Pyaaz ke Pakode

Monsoon season chalra ho aur pakode na bane, yeh toh ho hi nhi sakta! Some desi pyaaz pakodas for you guys!

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