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Favourite Lockdown Dishes

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I never thought that I could happily live for months without visiting restaurants, cafes or ordering in from these outlets or cloud kitchens. It has been around 100 days since I have not had any outside food and still not craving much.

I realise the fear of catching the virus is a big reason as I still am not sure about how effective contactless delivery is, also I realise with safety measures it can be very safe but then that takes away the whole comfort of ordering in.

Anyway, the biggest reason is my mum and her love for cooking, which I share with her. We have cooked ( mostly her though) so many different dishes by following recipes from youtube channels ( like yourfoodlab and cookingshooking ) and adding our own twist to them.

With this blog, I am sharing my favourite lockdown dishes!

1) Lasagna

We tried many lasagne recipes from basic oven lasagne (which works well for microwave too!) to making lasagne sheets from scratch and cooking lasagna in pan.

The beauty of lasagne is that you can make the stuffing of anything and everything you like! It can be as cheesy as you wish or full of healthy veggies.

2) Pasta

I love pasta, I eat it 2-3 times a week! It can be made in so many delicious gravies or none at all ( Referring to Aglio-e-Oglio) and has so many beautiful shapes from penne, fusilli, spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle to name a few.

I mostly made red sauce pasta at home. During the lockdown, I tried white sauce pasta, baked pasta and pink sauce pasta. I recently learnt to make pesto sauce, gonna try making pesto pasta really sooooon!

3) Paneer Makhani Dum Biryani

We made a delicious aromatic Paneer Makhani Dum Biryani following a recipe from Your Food Lab. Their recipes are so easy to follow, they are well explained and definitely delicious.

4) Paneer Lababdar

By now you must have guessed that I am a paneer lover ( every vegetarian ever!!!). So, here is another paneer dish- Paneer Lababdar. Rich, creamy and so tasty. The recipe again is from Your Food Lab.

5) Spring Rolls

After I guess a million tries, we have found the perfect spring roll recipe again from Your Food Lab. We even made an amazing Sweet Chilli Sauce recipe for which you can find on my Instagram highlights ( goes well with momos and spring rolls).

6) Quesadilla

We have had this dish 3 times this month, I think it is safe to say it is my fam's favourite. You can do so many things with a quesadilla, it has so many beautiful variations and can be moulded according to your wishes. You can see the video I recently posted on Instagram for the recipe.

7) Veg Momos

We made some delicious momos for appetizers one day. The recipe for the momos and the sauce is given on my highlights on Instagram.

I hope you guys liked this compilation, we made some more dishes and are making some continuously, so do visit our o Instagram page to see them.

Do give your feedback guys!

See you next time grasshoppers!

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