About The Hunger Queen

Hello fellow humans! I am Anushtha, a dentist, in her twenties! I am from Delhi, India.
You must be wondering how I fell into the blogging world? Well, I did my undergrad course from a small but very beautiful city of Mangalore, during which I stayed in a hostel for about 4 years. It was during this time I grew passionate for food. I started eating out and trying different cuisines and dishes to break the monotony that came with the hostel food. I decided to share my new found love for eating, cooking and trying different food with the world as I started my Instagram blog. 
Slowly the blog grew and I decided to expand my horizons. I started sharing small bits of my travels on the gram. Now its time I share the beautiful places and memories with you all in detail!
So welcome to my world grasshoppers! I hope you enjoy reading my stories!